Ugandan music

Sarah Musayimuto - Jaribu

Ugandan singer Sarah Musayimuto plays "the beautiful girl who has made men fight over her on the streets of Kampala".

Sarah Musayimuto - Obulamu Tebulida

Sarah Musayimuto, a Ugandan singer based in Denmark, has been recording music since 2012. "Obulamu Tebulida (We Only Live Once)" is one of her most recent videos, released in September 2014.

Bebe Cool - Ntuyo Zange

In the 2012 "Ntuyo Zange" Bebe tells "a real story that is gonna leave a mark on people's brains".

Eddy Kenzo - Be Happy

Ugandan singer Eddy Kenzo released a new video earlier this month. "Be Happy" is a motivational song that encourages people to be happy regardless of what they're going through. The video was shot in South Africa by a renowned company Godfather Productions. It reportedly cost $16,000 - an equivalent of over 43 million Ugandan shillings.

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