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Epidemiology of HIV Among Black and Minority Ethnic Men Who Have Sex with Men in England and Wales

Between 1997-2002, BME MSM accounted for just over one in 10 new HIV diagnoses among MSM in England and Wales; more than half probably acquired their infection in the United Kingdom. In 2002, the proportion of BME MSM living with diagnosed HIV in England and Wales was significantly higher than white MSM. Undiagnosed HIV prevalence in Caribbean-born MSM was high. These data confirm the need to remain alert to the sexual health needs and evolving epidemiology of HIV among BME MSM in England and Wales.

HIV, Sexual Risk and Ethnicity Among Men in England Who Have Sex with Men

In order to best direct finite resources, HIV prevention planners need to know which sections of the population they are concerned with are most likely to be involved in HIV transmission. Sex between men continues to account for the majority of HIV infections acquired in Britain. This paper looks at differences in HIV testing and HIV sexual risk behaviours across ethnic groups among a community recruited sample of men who have sex with men (MSM), in order to inform priorities in HIV prevention programmes.


If you are looking for HIV testing services try the links below:

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NAZ offers a short-term counselling service for Black and Minority Ethnic adults facing problems and questions about their relationships, sexuality, sexual health and/or HIV in London:

Yorkshire MESMAC can offer gay affirmative counselling in Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield Yorkshire:

Living with HIV

Living with an HIV or AIDS diagnosis can be a difficult and stressful reality for many people. If you need someone to talk to, or are looking to meet other positive people from a similar cultural background, give the NPL Resilient Futures team a call. More on Living with HIV.

Twitterview with Bisi Alimi: Living Positively with HIV for 10 Years

Bisi Alimi is a human rights campaigner and health advocate. He started his advocacy work at the height of the HIV epidemic within the Nigerian MSM community in the late 1990s. In 2004, Bisi rose to notoriety when he first came out as gay on Nigerian TV. The open declaration of his sexuality caused a turning point in the discussion on sex and sexuality in Nigeria. That same year, Bisi was diagnosed with HIV. In July 2012, he was invited to the White House by President Obama for his work with black gay men in Europe.

Sex Without Fear

The new pill that could revolutionize gay life is reawakening old arguments. For some, the advent of this drug is nothing short of miraculous, freeing bodies and minds. For doctors, public-health officials, and politicians, it is a highly promising tool for stopping the spread of HIV. But for others, a drug that can alleviate so much anxiety around sex is itself a source of concern. 


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