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LGBT rights

Nigerian Archbishop Tells Government: Stop Punishing Gays

A Catholic Archbishop in Nigeria says the country’s government is "wrong" to be "punishing" gay Nigerians. The Archbishop of Jos, Ignatius Kaigama, has condemned Nigeria’s draconian anti-gay legislation, saying the Catholic Church is against "the criminalisation of people with different sexual orientations". He stressed: "We are not supporting the criminalisation of people with different sexual orientations. We would defend any person with homosexual orientation who is being harassed, who is being imprisoned, who is being punished."

The State of LGBT Equality in Africa

Homophobia thrives in most countries in Africa, making the continent an oppressive place to live for countless LGBT people. A staggering 32 countries in Africa criminalize same-sex sexual contact with jail time. Months after Uganda's Constitutional Court overturned its Anti-Homosexuality Act, nearly identical legislation returned - this time in the Gambia. In October, Chad took up a sweeping bill that calls for 20-year prison sentences for those perceived to be LGBT. In 2013, more LGBT people were arrested in Cameroon than any other nation in the world.

Gambia Stripped of Special Trade Status Over Anti-Gay Law

The US has stripped Gambia of its special trade status, after the country introduced an anti-gay law. Gambia had previously been afforded special benefits due to its status, under the African Growth and Opportunity Act of 2000, which allowed it to export goods worth $37 million each year to the US without paying duty. However, it was announced yesterday that the country would be removed from the scheme, after President Yahya Jammeh signed a law punishing homosexuality with life imprisonment.

LGBT Magazine Launched in Uganda!

Breaking news: An LGBT magazine has been launched in Uganda, in an attempt to 'reclaim the media' and to promote acceptance of the gay and trans community there. "Bombastic" magazine, which is available free in supermarkets, compiles stories, testimonies and opinions by LGBT Ugandans, and aims to end violence against LGBT people across the country. The magazine has been introduced as politicians in Uganda threaten to re-introduce the controversial Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

Black Gays Rock: Celebrating 14 Inspiring Black Gay Male Couples of 2014

As the progress for same-sex marriage rights spread throughout America and overseas in 2014, the celebration of same-sex relationships has gone viral seemingly every other week. Marriages, engagements and anniversaries announced via social media platforms caught the attention of the LGBTQ community and allies with widespread honour and support. Such joyous occasions became a big deal for Black gay men in America. These 14 inspiring Black gay male couples celebrated love in a major way this year.

Uganda Anti-Gay Law Challenged in Court

Constitutional court petitioned to scrap the tough anti-gay law currently effective in Uganda. Signed in February this year by Uganda's veteran president, Yoweri Museveni, the law calls for homosexuals to be jailed for life, outlaws the promotion of homosexuality and obliges Ugandans to denounce gay people to the authorities.

Martin Luther King Jr. Would Have Been in Support of LGBT Rights

The oldest son of the late American civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. has said that his father would have been in support of LGBT rights. "The most significant person who helped to organise the March on Washington was Mr. Bayard Rustin [who] was openly gay. What I know, for sure, is that dad was beyond the average person in terms of what he chose to embrace and accept. I think that as he worked to advocate for civil and human rights, he was talking for everyone, not just for people of colour," asserted King III. 

The Human Security Implications of Anti-Gay Law on Sexual Minority in Nigeria

On 7th January 2014, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan signed an anti-gay bill into law, with punishments including 14 years imprisonment for anyone that enters into same-sex marriage, 10 years for any organization or people that support gay rights as well as any individual who displays same-sex affection in public. This invasive law made Nigeria the 36th country in Africa to prosecute gays.

I Have a Right to Be There: Why Ugandan Gay Rights Activist Won't Leave

Days after Uganda's president signed into law an anti-gay bill that punishes sex between homosexual couples with a maximum sentence of life in prison, Richard Lusimbo was outed in the most public of manners. He was alerted by a friend that his picture was splashed across a tabloid newspaper under the headline 'How I Became Homo'. "I just went silent, I didn't know what to do," Lusimbo recalled of that day.

Will Binyavanga Wainaina Change Attitudes to Gay Africans?

With internationally acclaimed Kenyan author Binyavanga Wainaina coming out, Africa's embattled gay rights movement finally has a public face around which to rally support for equality. "What he has done is brilliant. He is admired and respected, and the only high-profile African to come out," said Nairobi-based gay rights activist Anthony Oluoch.


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