No, Nigel Farage, Racism Isn't Dead

Antidiscriminatory legislation in the workplace “would probably have been valid” 40 years ago, but “I don’t think it is today,” he says in a documentary to be screened on Channel 4 on Thursday. “If I talked to my children about the question of race, they wouldn’t know what I was talking about,” he says. Everything is for the best in this the best of all possible worlds. Try not to laugh.

As Farage trumpeted the end of workplace racism, new figures indicated a 50% rise in unemployment for young black people since 2010. It means things can be sunny up top and not so good under the surface.

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The Guardian

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Culture Stats & Facts

  • Black African MSM appear twice as likely to contract HIV as other ethnic groups

    (Sigma Research, 2011)

  • BAME MSM make up 0.1% of the total population in the UK, but 13% of MSM diagnosed with HIV.

    (Nastal-3, PHE, 2013)

  • Black MSM are also twice as likely to report homophobic attacks in their local area compared to the white population - 13% compared to 6% respectively

    (Stonewall, 2013)